Friday, August 13, 2010

[Gray Lovin]

This is a little something I worked on this afternoon. Painting, cleaning, and any other hands on projects are my "outlet". When things are not going puuuurfect I simply do. I do things that with little effort show great results. Tip: This is a great way to brighten up any day! While talking with a friend this morning I realized it was healthy. It's ok to not be "ok" and do. It's better than so many other things that can harm you, and possibly others while you hurt or are angry. Well enough with that and on to some photos...

Side note: This piece was given to me by my amazing mom, and truth be told..I just did not want to go out and buy something new [I'm cheesy like that] But c'mon it was awful!

A little paint can go a loooooong way.
Thank you to my fb friends for encouraging me to get all different knobs BUT then I remembered I kinda share an office with a boy.... {Insert pout****} The knobs have a picture of a ship and octopus! I l.o.v.e.

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