Thursday, August 19, 2010


I read this article in one of my many magazine reads last month. It was SPOT on about my feelings towards woman and their constant excuse to be comfortable. I think that the majority of the time we dress the way we feel. If your honest with yourself I'm pretty sure you would agree.

If your a mom you have no excuse. I think it's important for yourself and your husband that you maintain a level of sexiness {no not slutiness}. It boggles my mind that one can actually believe their spouse would not care that they "let go". That my friend, is called DENIAL!

All my life I have seen my mother juggle a business, with a million and one demands with people that call all hours of the day. Yes, she is human and maintains a level of class with her look that's always crisp. I admire that, and I see the way my father walks beside her with pride. I wish I was more like her.


Oh by all means share!

This was take by my iphone. Sorry it's not too clear!


  1. Sometimes taking care of children is all that one can accomplish in a day, if you get a shower you are blessed! I agree that you can't always be in your jammies but if your husband doesn't love you in your jammies he doesn't love you. We have jammie day's here all the time. Yes getting dressed is a good thing and I am not saying wear jammies all the time but being comfortable is important too no matter what you are wearing. It is really about who you are and being able to live with that, don't be someone you aren't even with your clothes.