Monday, August 9, 2010

UF- Thank you!

One of my UF customers was darling, she sent me a photo of her and her husband wearing Sugar Spots on their BIG day! As you know weddings are my sugar HIGH. I don't need candy. No, no thank you I pass...weddings give me the same affect, weddings make me giddy.

Thank you Courtney:

Hi! Just wanted to send a thank you, and a photo of my husband in the bow tie (sugar spots) that we purchased from you! We received it just in time, and it was a hit among our wedding guests. :) It was one of my favorite details of the day as well. Thanks again!

If you would like your photo on the blog while you sport a UF tie, please email me!
PHOTO: This photo was courtesy of the Bride. I will give credit once I have that information.


  1. aw, love this! your post made my morning :) the name of our photographer is juli boehm; my apologies for not including that before.

  2. so fun! i was at courtney's wedding and the bowtie (along with all of the other wonderful details) was perfect! i take special notice bowties now that i'm engaged to a bowtie-wearer myself. quite the dashing accessory.