Friday, September 24, 2010


I would like to say arrivederci to this week. While driving down the freeway, I saw this piece of lovely. I then stopped {not literally} and made a wish. One day, I would like to buy one of these. I want to drive across country with my family, and see all of America. We then would Stay the night in a hotel in NY and drive to Upstate NY to camp.

I won't be going anywhere this weekend that require an overnight bag..BUT I would like to kiss emails goodbye until Monday! Arrivederci~
Here are a couple highlights of the week:
While my nieces mom went to LA, I had the pleasure of watching my little munchkinnns.
I met Gretchen Rossi- from the Real Housewives of Orange.
She was sweet.

I mailed out a few more ties this week.

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