Friday, September 10, 2010

A face to the name..

While heading into the city yesterday from San Mateo I happened to stop in San Bruno to purchase my book for the OhJoy book signing. As I walked out of the mall with my book in my hand I gasped! The people around asked if I was ok. All I did was point my finger straight out....That happened seconds after the gas explosion. I walked to my car and as I drove off it felt like I was in a movie scene, people came running out of their homes to see what happened. I'm glad to hear today on the news that folks from all around the bay, are volunteering to help!

On a much lighter note..I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing ladies who are photographers, designers, event planners, and much more. It was nice to hear from others of how they have grown and flourished in their business. Oh and this was all over nice drinks!


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