Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silent night...

I have missed you friends! Do you ever get in those "get it done" moods? Well, I have made my list and I cracked the whip. I have done an evaluation on my home, finances, and other career-esk things and I'm hoping to wrap up this year with flying colors.

I want goals that will reap benefits long and short term. Next year we hope to purchase our first home and head to Europe to explore all of it's beauty. The planning begins....NOW!

The reason why I share this is to encourage you to push forward. The Holiday Season is around the corner and if your anything like me, you can sometimes get in a lazy funk. This time around the husband and I are going to keep focused. Don't take me wrong I'm all about snuggling while we watch a movie {we do this regularly}, this push is just for a season!

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