Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweet tooth.

What a crazy weekend! It's technically not over and I'm already needing another weekend. I feel like this bug that's going around is wanting to get me {I'm putting up a fight}.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining a group of ladies, to help brainstorm for the next issue of a bridal magazine {such fun!}. After the meeting I rushed to get my makeup done at Bobbi Brown and I was so thrilled, I usually go to MAC and Bobbi was by far better. The huzz and I had our 3 year anniversary photos taken, I can't wait to share....

Tonight was not a calorie counting kinda night..
I feel like a horrid mama but Dolly did not want her photo taken {she was a shark}.
It's not very lady like so she was embarrassed! Here is Zoe...anyone want extra ketchup?
This was on Friday night at girls night!

Hope you all had a sweet weekend. I look forward to sharing my next post.


  1. can't wait to see your 3 year anniversary photos!! keep fighting that bug..don't let it win!

    p.s. which bridal magazine are you working on??

  2. I see you shop at Trader Joes! I love that instant pudding, it's hard to find all natural instant pudding like that! yum!