Sunday, November 21, 2010

My 2 cents. {no bueno}

What happend ladies?!
The AMA'S {fashion disaster}
OMG have toilet paper hanging from your dress!!
KELLY. I have always loved you...the sun won't damage you. {promise}
Rihanna- The color red looks good on you. red hair.....= OVERkill
ps. I still think your awesome
Your my favorite.
Thee end.


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  2. Yeah, Katy Perry looks the best of that collection. And Kelly O....O my....she looks...leathery and pale.

  3. Ha ha loved this, Miley's tp dress:-)

    Yes Katy Perry is always looking great. Just finally saw "Bring him to the Greek" with her new hubby, he's a pretty good actor too:-)

  4. LOL so funny...Katy Perry does look unusually beautiful. She usually over does it in some crazy outfit.