Saturday, November 6, 2010

Represent {hostess}

I'm a firm believer that you represent how you live by the way you treat {host} people in your home. I like things done "right" and I feel it shows your guests how you feel about them. When hosting people at our home for a dinner party or a movie night I like to use my 5 senses. This has nothing to do with showing off, it has everything to do with organization and expressing you care.

Sight- Flowers, clean house, and yummy/pretty appetizers
Touch- Blankets and pillows {don't reall know..}
Smell- Candles, Flowers, and FOOD!
Taste- FOOD/Desserts/Drinks
Hearing- Music

Here are a few photos of a dinner party I had for my friends birthday!
Sorry the images are not that great.

Birthday girl's crown.

How do you like to host? Any ideas/suggestions?


  1. Love this post!

    I am from the deep South, so hospitality is very important, to say the least. I LOVE having overnight guests...I love to iron their linens and have a tomato strata soaking overnight in the fridge for breakfast in the morning!!

    Love your blog :)

  2. Um just goggled Tomato strata. Don't know you but if a brunette stranger from ca shows up on your doorstep one night asking for it that's me! The recipes look amazing! Love you Karkar and thank you again for my lovely birthday dinner! P.S. coffee tomorrow please?!