Monday, December 6, 2010

Giving back. {new friend lady D}

What a chilly weekend it was.
It was nothing short of perfection for this Koko Quiz.

On Saturday a group of family and friends came together for a cause. Instead of our annual little Christmas party, I thought of something a bit more special. Between all of us we adopted 3 families for Christmas! We did not have the opportunity to meet the families but we had a private tour of the facility. Harbor House is the name of this amazing organization, that helps the community in various ways with food donations, clothing, after school program, and tutoring for kids who come from tough neighborhoods in Oakland. I think we all cried and smiled just a little bit. It brought the whole meaning of Christmas to life for us all..

I encourage you to step up and make a difference with you friends & family.

Torture: My hubbs told me early last week that we where going to get my Christmas present on Sunday. I was dying! I love surprises but I can't know about them before they happen or I ask way tooo many questions. Anyhoo yesterday was the day. While getting ready for church I kept asking "Is this outfit ok for me to meet my present?" hoping it was a muddy puppy! (LOL)

J remembered that a long time ago I asked for a "fun camera" so he took me to Urban Outfitters to pick one. I chose my lady D! I can't wait to play with her in New York this week. He then also hooked me up with these awesome headphones. {SCORE}
happy Monday.