Monday, December 13, 2010


Have you ever watched Gossip Girl? While in NY this past week my bestie and I would say a little something like this "Spotted. Paulina and Karla in chic boutique, what will K tell P about last night?"

Soho left me speechless... Love. love. love. I will do a full post as soon as I have some photos. For now I will share a picture of Guadalajara, Mexico. J and I will be taking off tomorrow morning for a whole month! Oh and yes I did just get back from NY yesterday. I'm tired.excited. and I'm truly Blessed to have the opportunity to travel with those I love. One day I know I will have a ball and chain around my foot named {mi bambino} so for now...I'm living it up! Not gonna lie the more I travel and play the more I get cold feet.