Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeling like..

I'm not sure what I drank {only have been sipping tea} but I returned home yesterday afternoon, and I made a "chores" list for myself on the plane and I somehow managed to tackle it all and some today. I woke up 8am and did not stop until 9pm. I'm still not really tired...I think my sparkly nail polish helped me go faster. ; )

Hmmm Anyhoo how are you all making it through this cold weather?! I have been living in GDL with it being 75 degrees or hotter. Since I have been home, I just can't get warm enough! Yikes.


  1. i love that feeling of endless's amazing how productive one can be!

  2. wow, GO YOU! I love those spurts of random energy. your grandma is ssoooo cool hehe! and I LOVE your sparkle dress :)