Thursday, January 13, 2011

Girls Night {quote unquote}

While in Mexico I saw a FB update of a friend that is a part of an amazing organization, that helps rescue big dogs in shelters that are scheduled for euthanization. When I saw her post about a big dog needing a foster home I immediately shut down the idea. We already have two girls in a small home and it was a no! Then I couldn't help the temptation, and I looked at the photos..BAD idea. Jason and I are suckers for dogs but especially for those that are abused. Once I showed him the picture of the dog looking frail and beaten he immediately said yes!

Sooo now we are foster doggy people. I received a call yesterday and well..we took in a mixed Great Dane/ Greyhound her name is Luna. I would share her story but I rather spare you the tears. {yes, it's that bad} Zoe our Yorkie hates her but Dolly is actually warming up.

I had a friend come over for a night of tea and magazines and it turned into a "girls" night with another addition of a 4 legged pup!

So here are a few {bad photos} of our night excuse the camera.
Definitely a little Katy Perry for a mini dance party.
All the magazines..a bit blurry but I like it!
Introduction: Meet Luna. {her name is precious}
Luna and Sommer <3
Dolly Cupcake reading Elle.
How many of you have pups? Little...Big?? Names?

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