Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea for 2

This tea set is made by the ever so talented Jonathan Adler.
I have always known that tea was "good for you" but I always seemed to avoid it.
I have cut out my Starbucks drinks {yes indeed} and replaced those with tea. Not only am I saving molla but I'm making a healthier choice. It makes the whole experience sweeter when you sip out of a dainty cup.
{i heart elephant everything}

My aunt recently returned from India and she brought me back an elephant sling bag and scarf. Jealous?
Yeahh I would be too. ; )

What tea do you like? any recommendations?


  1. Go to Teavana and make your own blends (I recently made an amazing chai blend :) Intelligensia has great tea. Calm from sbux is always a safe and delicious bet. Hm. Greens and whites are my favorites!

  2. Like the tea pot! Not enough to give up my grande soy latte each morning. SBUX 4life!!!!!!!

  3. I love Creme Brulee by VintageTea.com. Also their Chocolate Strawberry, with a Truvia.