Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fireworks and Yumminess

Happy 4th friends. I hope you enjoy this lovely weather! I know my goal is to spend as much time outside basking in the sun. I have a pretty lil. list of things I wish to do in the next few days...

Tradition to me is to watch the fireworks on top of a hill wrapped up in blankets next to my whole family. We ewwww and Ahhhhhh together as we watch several firework shows from our little spot. Someone always brings a stereo and we listen to some of our favorite tunes.

Bike ride downtown {Huzz man & I are out the door to do just that!}
eat yogurt
go to an antique shop- a new one
spend some time in SF by the park
{we have plans to do that tomorrow}
bbq {Monday}
Pool time!
Read my pile of magazines
Kiss my husband a million times ; )
Take my girls on a walk

Can this list get any longer? Wish me luck! I'll let you know how we do.


Mrs. Q

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