Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Summer "must haves" part- 1

A nice flowy dress. I want something I can just throw on that makes me feel sexy and Summeresk!
Rachel Roy makes this little number.
My Ray Bans...must I explain?
I just purchased this casual wedge, they are by Sam Edelman.
Can you say "perfecto"?!
A scarf!
I admit I'm a total "hat" head! I love hats.
I truly do...I have worn one for the last 2 days.
TRUE Story.
I don't think you can go wrong with a nice Fedora.

I love wearing a nice white loose top.
You can pair it with just about anything.
I'm on the look out for the right one.
Last but not LEAST and this just might be my NUMERO 1. I discovered Flamingo Fancy back in HS. and it's still my BFF. When wearing shorts or a dress this is MAGIC. I like to mix a dime size in my palm, with either baby oil or lotion. The final results......awesome LEGS!

So what are your must haves?



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