Monday, January 31, 2011

In more ways than one

So I'm happy. Yup that's pretty much it. I'm pretty sure you know the feeling of wanting something better, but not having a clear vision. Well...I kinda now have a map and the directions I need to get "there". I have butterflies. I have a peace knowing that whatever happens in 2011 is going to ROCK.

Happy reasons.

I got bangs! {I cut them yesterday}. I took a lil poll via text from my closest bff's and it was a YES.

The Hubbs and I have joined forces and will be doing business together. We have a BIG vision for Upper French {our shop} and know we can do much more as a team.
{tee he he I get to kiss my business partner} OHHHH YEAHHHHHH

I have a great project I'm working on at work. {It has to do with wedding registry}

We have planned a Disney trip for my love's 30TH birthday

My friend {a chef} invaded my kitchen. Made me a healthy menu for the week. Took me to buy all the groceries for $40 dollas!!! yup you read that right. A post about the amazingness soon.

Alright...enough! I can go on...but I must get back to my vision board and plan our photo shoot that's coming up in March.


  1. how great!! congrats on the bangs and the new business partner. definitely fun to be able to kiss in the middle of the work day ;). love the new blog look's like a makeover all around!

  2. Awww big news! Congrats on going into business with your man:-) Cute blog here too, best wishes!