Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As Spring & Summer meet.

As Spring time approaches and Christmas has passed.
I wish I made one more request.
{if I was a Rockefeller}
I want something.
A BIG something.

I want to travel...in a modern kinda way.
With that said, I goggled a few cute somethings on wheels.

{This ice cream truck is just darling}
Note to my Mr.
Babe, this is what we need. Just you and me and our girls....
How cool is this?! It's huge and beautiful.
We can live here and there.


  1. oh. roed and i are dyyying to get a silver bullet. i can't wait to put in little yellow curtains and set up shop on a cliff overlooking the northern pacific. sigh. some day. :)

  2. i think id rather buy one of these than buy a home, travel for the first half of my live, or is it a third by now? idk, but im in love with roadtrips!!!!
    lovely post!