Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dESIGN Overload {heaven}

Hey dolls.

This past Friday I had the honor to follow my friend Kristen, a professional interior designer. We took a little trip to SF and she showed me the ropes! It's awesome to see where she is in her business after just a short time{7 yrs}. Her business is growing and it was nice to see how everyone knew and respected her at all the studios.. I took some photos of some of my favorite things...wallpaper, fabric {galore}, furniture, lighting, and accessories.

We currently rent a lovely farm house in what feels like the country. My style has definitely evolved since our move over a year ago. The hubster and I plan on staying here until we buy our own house..{this year, Lord willing}.

For the more permanent move I hope to....

Have less clutter.
More of a uniformed look.
Chic yet comfortable.
{- }anything too vintage.

Enjoy. What's your favorite piece?
I'll take this all.
Wallpaper. Yummmy-ness
OMG. to the 3rd degree.
Do you think anyone would notice this lighting missing?
The outfit I wore + my messy bed.
{dirrrrty girl}
Oh and my nephew. Just cause he's so damnnnn cute!

Hope ya'll had a lovely v-day.
Mine was perfecto..
[fondue was on the menu]


  1. wow, she is sooo talented! such a perfect eye for style, no wonder she is so successful. I adore your outfit! so perfectly chic for running around the city :)


  2. Sounds like a fun date! She's pretty darn good, huh!