Thursday, February 17, 2011

My 1 week challenge

I have shared once before that cooking has not always been my "Forte" but as I age gracefully that is ; ). I realized I put a wall up between me and the kitchen. Since I have created my OWN way of semi following recipes, and spicing it up with the use of my taste buds... I'd have to say that the kitchen and I are now BFF'S.

The Real Simple magazine comes to my home on a monthly basis, so I decided to rip out all the drooling worthy recipes and create a file system for me to come back to...{OCD much}?

Then came the challenge....I'm using a new recipe everyday this week from Real Simple and stunning myself with the results [as of Monday]. Here are some things I made with my darling friend.
Creamy broccoli soup.
Chicken, pesto, and fried egg pizza.
Side note: Don't eat this if your on a diet.
Disclaimer: I ate 1 slice.
Gluten free cookies.
Wednesday night menu: Chicken teriyaki {I left the chicken in the fridge since last night in a zip lock bag to soak in as much sauce} with pineapple slices and brown rice. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh my goodness! That soup looks divine and I could eat an entire plate of those cookies.

    Well done lady. I'm impressed!

  2. GO KARLA!!!!!! SOoooooo proud of you. That looks amazing. So I'll be over for dinner tonight k thanks?

  3. yum! are you allergic to gluten? I used to think i was, but now i'm not so sure.

  4. well i'm very glad to hear the wall's coming down! those dishes look incredible and since it's almost dinner time here i'm getting mouth waters for real!

    good for you lades, totally inspiring me with the recipe layout and goodness servings. wishing you loads of luck happy chefstess. ♥