Monday, February 7, 2011

He did it not me.

He ate pizza.
I ate an apple.
I was mellllllllting.

She [the friend] invaded [in the most loving way possible] my kitchen to help me. I have never been one to read the labels behind my favorite foods. Ignorance is bliss! I now have a meal plan that I organize every Sunday so I don't starve myself and then indulge in fast food. yucky!! I'm on week 2 and people already notice a difference..people that are not aware of my habit changes.

I have been on no particular "diet" other than just reading labels and eating right. Taking the extra minute to read and decide. Well as we all know, yesterday was SUPER BOWL Sunday. I could honestly care less! However, I loved watching the half time performance...anyways on to the story. I would like to document that I ate an apple and other yummy [HEALTHY] things while the man ate PIZZA. I honestly felt like giving in and then realized I was stronger than my feelings.

You must check out Lydia's blog. She has helped me in more ways than one! I believe every girl needs a "Martha" in her life. She has taught me to eat right and cook yummy meals in less than 30 min. [My man is very happy too].
Where do you get your cooking inspiration?


  1. so, your bow tie shop is amazing. i already know where i'm getting my man's birthday present in may . . . ;)

  2. good for you for not giving in to temptation! i don't believe in dieting per say but making wiser choices and a few lifestyle changes. it's the only way to really stick with healthier eating.