Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think I might.

My love prefers me with short.
I think I exude confidence with short.
It has taken me almost 2+ years to grow it out...
I look around and most woman's hair is long.
Nothing wrong with it....
I don't have time to curl it everyday, so it winds up being put in a pony or bun. {not a huge fan}
Should I just chop it off? I feel effortlessly chic & done with short hair..
This is me a few years back with short hair
{in the process of growing it out}
Should I take the scissors to it? I just need a little puuussssssssh

your very confused blogger friend.


  1. keep long!! im going for the long look now

  2. Do what makes you happy and confident! If it means cutting than go for it. P.S. There's always extensions if you don't like it. <3

  3. You told me not to let you cut it have wanted to grow it out for so long!!!!!!

  4. Your hair looks great short, so if you were to cut it again you wouldn't have to worry one bit about it not looking good, you totally have what it takes to rock short hair :)

  5. you're lucky you can pull of the short hair!

  6. i think you have the most perfect eyebrows i've ever seen! and seems like you feel sure about the shorter style, honestly you could rock anything but wow that photo is stunning! i can see why he's partial to the shorter look, it's freakin' HOT!

    this photo reminds me of Lisa Stansfield total. you are beautiful. ♥

  7. I was in visiting our sweet friend Troy yesterday...and I think you should let him at it!!! You seriously look exquisite regardless of your hair length, but you can rock the short like few woman can.

  8. You look gorgeous anyway you have your hair. Im jealous! :)