Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The perfect shape.

Not too thin.
Not too thick.
Let's have a happy medium.

If you know me, you know that my eyebrows are an upkeep. God gave me brows that require taming {thanks dad}! I have a routine that has given me the "perfect" brows. Yes, I get stopped because of my brows. This has not always been the case, so I'm now happy to share what was once an insecurity.

Don't be scared/shy to show the person threading a picture of what your wanting your shape to be. It's probably helpful to them! What might be thin for me might be somewhere in the middle for you.

I thread not wax. Waxing happens to loosen the elasticity of your skin over time, then causing saggy skin {yucky}. I thread every two weeks to keep the's $10 bucks! should brush them before you fill them in.

I use Benefit- Brow Zings, just a touch makes a HUGE difference.

What are your brows like?


  1. hmm threading sounds interesting! I've never got my brows done, I just pluck them when they need to be tamed ;) yours have such a great shape!


  2. I just plucked mine last night. Take me threading with you next time you go!

  3. perfect brows are like an instant (surgery-less) facelift. not that i really need one at 27 years old, but i love how refreshing a pretty brow can be!