Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair {continuation}

Rachel Bilson {I heart your style}
So I know that I have been indecisive about my hair.
After a bit of thinking, I have decided to let my locks grow.
During this {long and sometimes dull process}
I'm gettin my hair did!
I'm going Ombre!!
{ombre in spanish means man-add the H before the O}
tee he he he
Ps. I'm done doing hair posts.
Thanks for your patience.


  1. Ombre, yes and more yes! i've also contemplated that lovely state. please don't be done, gotta do the after post when you've had this awesome gradient intact okay?! would love to see it.

    and thanks for your comment, will def keep you apprised on my friends Moroccan haul. xo ♥

  2. Ombre, is absolutely gorgeous, what a great idea. Also thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, it means so much. Happy Friday, hun. xx veronika