Friday, March 4, 2011

T G I F wooop woop

Anything exciting going on? watcha doin this weekend??
{next week is man's birthday...BIG 30}
I'm so not ready for him to be 30
I kid. I kid. I happen to think that men are like wine and only get better with age!
{true story}
ps. He totally rocked the cradle. In case your trying to guess my youthful age. = )

This Saturday I'm hosting a brunch. {hence the pretty picture}
Trying to sale our car- we have 4 prospects lined up.. say a prayer!
Friendship hour at our new church...
{I luv me some church.. why do they name these events in such a cheesy way?}
Work on Upper French's new site & prepare for our photo shoot!
Drive to a cute little city and discover something new with our girls.

Happy Friday my Blog lovin friends!


  1. sounds like a fun weekend! anything exciting planned for the big 3-0??

  2. I love some church too. Our church is old and the crowd is a little old too, so not so much in the fun department. i think there is some rule that all church events have to have cheesy names, so non believers will be turned off and you have to work 2x as hard to prove why they should come ha ha

    I hope the brunch goes well.

    Happy Weekend.

  3. Lovely blog lady! I hope your brunch goes well, it all sounds fabulous! Happy weekend!xxxxxxxxx

  4. awh happy birthday to him! brunch happens to be my favorite meal :) have a good one! hope you weekend is going well :)


  5. Say happy b-day to him from Fashion Gossip :D
    Hope everything goes great! Have fun dear!
    Xoxo, K.